Member Benefits

What is the Vermont Attractions Association?

Founded in 1956, the Vermont Attractions Association (VAA) is a statewide member trade association that supports and strengthens individual businesses, leveraging this collective voice to influence and enhance the Vermont tourism industry.

As of November 1, 2019, VAA now offers a two-tiered membership structure. Tier One will offer full benefits and Tier Two will be an online-only membership with primary benefits.

VAA membership benefits include:

Tier One: A “dot” and listing on 875,000 copies of the Vermont Official Road Map and Guide to Vermont Attractions. VAA maps are distributed through a number of in-state and northeastern drive market distribution programs contracted by VAA, at all member locations, and are a core fulfillment piece in Vermont Welcome Centers and trade and consumer shows.

Tier One: VAA-branded brochure rack at your attraction that hosts the brochures/rack cards of all other VAA members. There are about 100 VAA-branded racks in Vermont, offering attractions prime exposure to visitors. This statewide rack card/brochure distribution program is an estimated $1500 value, worth about half of the Tier One membership fee.

Tier One and Tier Two: A profile on the VAA website, and “dot” on online maps. NEW site launched 2019 with expanded opportunities to share enhanced content, photos, videos and more. The member-only, Member Portal section provides association information, content update forms, reciprocal program information, education/research plus even more valuable information.

Tier One and Tier Two:

  • Opportunity to attend a regional Spring meeting and the annual Fall membership meeting, providing education and networking opportunities.
  • Representation at the Vermont State House by the Vermont Chamber of Commerce lobbying team and at relevant regulatory or rule-making hearings.
  • Education/Training/Employee Benefit: Reciprocal Program offering staff at one attraction to access discounts and experiences at every other attraction. The Reciprocal Program is also the best way for member attractions and their employees to learn about and help promote other member attractions.


  • Tier One: Full membership: $3195 per year.
  • Tier Two: Online-plus: $995 per year

Program year begins November 1. For more details about member benefits, see the chart below.

VAA Benefits

Tier One:

Tier Two

DOT on Print Map


DOT on Website Map


Listing on Print Map


Profile on Website


VAA Branded Rack at Attraction


Attractions Rack Card/Brochure Distribution Programs


Spring and Fall Meeting Attendance


Newsletters and Status Reports


Member to Member Reciprocal Program


May Serve as VAA Board Member


Counter Rack for Map and Rack Card


Vermont Attractions Association reserves the right to change all pricing and benefits.
VAA will confirm final member benefits upon initiation of membership in the association.

VAA Membership Requirements

Attractions interested in Vermont Attractions Association membership must meet the criteria of being an attraction as defined by the association; complete an application requesting consideration for membership; be voted for acceptance by the VAA Board of Directors.

Definition of an Attraction

The Association defines an attraction as an operation that presents to the public some aspect or feature of interest in its category and that provides visitors with an experiential and pleasurable experience aside from one that is solely commercial. A member must also meet the established standards of the Association, with particular emphasis placed on the following:

(a) Be fully operational and prepared to handle with professionalism and courtesy the volume of visitors that membership in the Association might generate.

(b) Be of significance or offer experiences for visitors or families.

(c) Provide clean and adequate public rest rooms.

(d) Be consistently well maintained inside and outside the property.

(e) Be easily accessible; safety must not be an issue in reaching or visiting the site.

(f) Participate in the member-to-member VAA brochure distribution program by having a VAA brochure rack in your location. Provide adequate brochures/rack cards on a yearly or seasonal basis for member-to-member distribution.


All applications are subject to acceptance by majority vote of the Association Board of Directors. Notification of acceptance will be within 10 days following the Board of Directors meeting.

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